Lucky Lindy CD

“Lucky Lindy” album Music and Lyrics                                                                           The “Lucky Lindy” CD project is the result of share good times with Lindy and kids in the Kalamazoo Public Schools.  Kids have contributed words, swirls, twists and the spirit that made this project the success that it has been.  Success is measured by the enjoyment we have shared with kids of all ages, big and small.

“Lucky Lindy  

Lyrics:   “Lucky Lindy”

The Fishing Song  

 Lyrics:  The Fishing Song

See You Smile  (Audio too large for website)                                                Lyrics: See You Smile

The Bunny in My Backyard  

  Lyrics:  The Bunny in My Backyard

The Handsome Raccoon  

 The Big Tall Handsome Raccoon 2012

If My Kitty Could Dance  

 Lyrics:  If My Kitty Could Dance 2012

Soft Around the Middle  

 Lyrics:Soft Around the Middle

Quite So Seriously  

 Lyrics:  Quite So Seriously

The Nicer You Are  

 Lyrics:  The Nicer You Are


 Lyrics:  Limitations

Whole New World  


Peace in My Time  (Audio too large for website)                                   Lyrics: Peace in My Time