Sharing “My Ol’ Man” with 5th Grade Students

During a “March is Reading Month Assembly, I shared “Patricia Polacco’s book about her old man and we all recalled special people in our lives.  Then, the students went back to their classrooms and wrote their stories.

Sharing Music for March is Reading Month

Shared Patricia Polocco’s book, “My Ol’Man”. Made text to life connections with Patricia’s story of her dad, her grandma, and walking in the woods. Her stories were very much like people and events in all of our lives. We shared songs that were related to these people and events.


Elementary School Show

These kids and their teachers were wonderful.  I shared a little bit different music with each of the groups and everything went well.  My favorite of the day was when I shared “This Land is Your Land” with the kids.  I talked all of different people running for president and asked if a man, a woman, an African American, a Native American, a Mexican American, and when I turned around, even though I had already said Asian, this kid looked at me and said “And Asian”, could be president?  All of the kids were looking at me and I asked again, “Why can all of these people be president?”  Again, all of the kids, And all of the teachers were looking at me.   So, I strummed the guitar and said, “Yes, because “This Land is Made For You and Me” and we sang the chorus again.  I could see it in the teachers face, “Okay, you did it, It worked”.  We had fun!

East 6 East 7 East 3

East 4

Pastor Scott’s Kids and Volunteers

I was pleased to go to the little town of Weidman in northern Michigan.  Pastor Scott Smith invited me to be the “Special Guest” and share some of my stories and songs. The students met at the United Methodist Church.IMG_2460 The kids and the adults sang along and Pastor Scott picked a little on his mandolin. It was a great day!

Tia’s Birthday Party

Tia and several of her friends enjoyed a birthday party.  Tia’a parents invited me to share the song, “There’s a Bunny in My Backyard”  and a few of Tia’s other favorite songs.  I enjoyed singing with everyone!

Old Dog Tavern Kid’s Show

On July 4th, we had a kids show at 10:00 in the morning.  What fun we had.  We sang songs for the “Lucky Lindy” CD and as you can see in the pictures there was lots of dancing and singing.  We moved so fast that some of the pictures are a little blurry. IMG_0532

Oshtemo Library Fall Fest

Sharing song at the Oshtemo Libary.

Sharing song at the Oshtemo Libary.

In the fall of 2014, I was invited to the “Fall Festival” at the Oshtemo Branch of the Kalamazoo Branch of the Kalamazoo Public Library.  Kids, parents and grandparents joined me with songs and stories of “Lucky Lindy”, ” The Big Strong Handsome Raccoon”, “Let’s Go Fishing Now” and other songs.