Workshops and Concert presented by Dan Smith, artist, Mara Mackay, Author and me. We shared how we write and illustrate books and songs.



Lucky Lindy, Up North.

Lucky Lindy, Up North.


Lindy was out for a walk and was suddenly joined by a group of loving fans. She gladly accommodated them by rolling over and letting them scratch her at will.

Lindy Jumping in the air.

This picture was taken by Kathy Barber and was used by Dan Smith in the creation of the marvelous and magical painting that is used for the CD cover and other illustration of “Lucky Lindy”

Apple Festival Open Mic

For the past thirty-three, thirty-four or thirty-five years, who’s county, obviously not me, we’ve had an “Open Mic” song sharing at the Apple Festival Pancake Breakfast, both Saturday and Sunday. Many pickers have joined in on the fun over the years!



Thought this picture captured it all. Believe it or not, I did not plan this picture, but I love it. The college students sang along with, “There’s a Bunny in My Backyard”. The made my day.

Pic 1

This photo catches me demonstrating what the dancing kitties look like as they spin around and around , fly through the air and never come down. I think I look like a real ballet dancer, but the kids, and adults always laugh.


Passing on the Gibson

This is a painting/illustration of the upcoming book, “Hunters Quest”. In this painting Grandpa is passing on the Gibson Dove to Hunter.

A group of girls joined in on one of the songs at the Oshtemo Library Summer Reading Kickoff.


Stephanie, Mara, Steve, Christine and Nancy

Stephanie, Illustrator, Mara Author, Steve, Christine and Nancy, Qwner, – The girls of the “Falling Rock Cafe and Bookstore in Munising, Michigan.

Sierra Exif JPEG

This painting is the work of my friend Dan Smith. Dan is a retired principal and now an accomplished artist and illustrator.Dan turned a photograph of Lindy jumping into a magical dog blasting off from earth and into the hearts of children of all ages.


Annually Peace PIZZAZZ is presented for and by the children of Kalamazool by KNOW. Children are involved in various arts and crafts and present the music in Bronson Park.

School Show

Leading the singing and having a good time with the kids.