Lindy and I have enjoyed the friendship and support of many individuals and organizations since beginning our project.

BOOKBUG KALAMAZOO  Our CD’s are available at the Bookbug, we’ve played at the book store and the Bookbug friends are our friends.  Visit, “The Bookbug Kalamazoo”, an indepedent bookstore.  Website:The Bookbug Kalamazoo, Oakwood Plaza, Kalamazoo

THE KALAMAZOO SPCA, staff, volunteers, supporters and critters are our friends.  Visit, adopt and support the Kalamazo SPCA  Website:Kalamazoo SPCA

ST. MARTIN OF TOURS EPISCOPAL CHURCH  The members and friends, including all animals, of St. Martin of Tours Episcopal Church have been good friends and encouragers of the Lucky Lindy project.   Website:St. Martin of Tours Episcopal Church

THE FALLING ROCK CAFE AND BOOKSTORE.  The “Falling Rock Cafe and Bookstore” is my U.P. home this year I will be playing music on July 26th.  Plan your get-a-way now.  visit the website at:

FOUNDRY HALL IN SOUTH HAVEN  Foundry Hall is a music venue in South Haven.  If your ever in the area, check it out.  Andru Bemis and a band of volunteers make this very special place possible.  National artists as well as regional and are guitar players, etc. and singer songwriters all gather at Foundry Hall.  Check out the website at :