Lindy and Steve (Mr. Barber)

Singer, Songwriter, Retired Elementary Principal,  and Full-time Grandpa.

During the past few years, my music experience has been wonderful. I have been able to share music, stories, beautiful scenery, good food, long-rides, late nights, cold air and cold water, warm air and hot sun, beautiful, hard-hitting music, and well, I might as well stop, it’s been great.

Kathy kept the home fires burning and I acted like I was retired in my second childhood. I played music in churches, in libraries, at animal rescue facilities, in schools, elementary and high schools, in parks, in restaurants, bookstores, in campgrounds, in a discovery center in Wisconsin. I was paid, I was hugged, I was laughed at and with, and I have more friends on Facebook than I do in real life.

I would like to tell you all of the musicians I hear this past year, but as we often say, “To make the story short”, which never happens, I saw everybody. Not really, but I learn so much from hearing other musicians put words and melodies into new and unique arrangements that speak to hearts and souls, loves and sorrow, good-times and bad, celebrations and sadness. Their words make me more alive. Thank You All!

Lindy has been true to her cause. She has taken me to several Kalamazoo SPCA events. She will forever be giving back to the SPCA. The Kalamazoo SPCA took Lindy in when she was weak, hungry, hurting and alone. The workers of the SPCA loved her, cared for her and connected her to me. She, and I, will be forever grateful to the staff, Volunteers and Supporters of the Kalamazoo SPCA.

So, on with the show. We discovered that Lindy hugs people by leaning against them. So, she likes to say, “You scratch my belly and I’ll hug you by leaning against your leg. We can depend on one another.

Please stay in-touch and we’ll see and hear you down the road.