Story Telling

Every song is a story.  There is something, an event, a feeling, a relationship, that connects us to the story of our own lives and to the stories of the lives of others.  “That reminds me of my….” and your off.  I try to build a thought that holds your story together.

As Mark Twain once said when asked if he remembered everything he did in his life, replied, “I remember everything I did as a child and a lot of things I didn’t do.  The older I get the more I remember of the latter.”  Recently at the Kalamazoo Library, Patricia Palocco recalled once when her grandmother was telling a story, and Patricia asked, “Is that true grandmother?” to which her grandmother replied, “Of course it’s true, it may not have happened, but it’s true.”  I have added my own twist to his way of thinking by saying, “It might be that what didn’t happen may be more true than what did happen.”  I’m still thinking about that, and that’s true.

I’m hoping to soon have auditory copies of some of my stories and songs available on this website.