Elementary School Show

These kids and their teachers were wonderful.  I shared a little bit different music with each of the groups and everything went well.  My favorite of the day was when I shared “This Land is Your Land” with the kids.  I talked all of different people running for president and asked if a man, a woman, an African American, a Native American, a Mexican American, and when I turned around, even though I had already said Asian, this kid looked at me and said “And Asian”, could be president?  All of the kids were looking at me and I asked again, “Why can all of these people be president?”  Again, all of the kids, And all of the teachers were looking at me.   So, I strummed the guitar and said, “Yes, because “This Land is Made For You and Me” and we sang the chorus again.  I could see it in the teachers face, “Okay, you did it, It worked”.  We had fun!

East 6 East 7 East 3

East 4