“Open Mic in Wayland”

This is a new video:  “Let’s Go Fishing Now”

I recently participated in an “Open Mic” at the Vibrant Grains Restuarant and Bakery in Wayland. The crowd was great and joined in singing along on the songs.

The song, “Let’s go Fishing Now” goes over well because lots of people fish, take children fishing and have an old man who fishes or shares something special. I enjoy seeing people get involved with this song.

This song tells the story of my grandson and I going fishing when he was about 4 1/2 years old.  We had a great time and I share the credit for writing this son with Rowen.

The song also talks about my wife wanting me to tell people what I’m “really like”.  She wants people to know that, on a nice summer day, I might decline suggestions that I pay the bills or mow the lawn, but will go fishing.  The third verse talks about my dad’s escape from the nursing home to go fishing because he told me to take him fishing.  He said, “Let’s Go Fishing Now” and we did.