Out Having Fun!!!

Foundry Hall Show


Peace Pizzazz

Peace Pizzazz!

During “Peace Pizzazz”  I played for the the folks who joined in all of the activities provided by the local groups.  Played at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the event.  The crowd was great!  I joined a class from Northglade for a rendition of “The More You Do For Others, The Nicer You Are”.  The kids were great and the crowd joined in the fun.

 Sing-a-long at Northglade Elementary School in Kalamazoo.

After substitute teaching in Mrs. Ebert’s music class and sharing many of my songs, Mrs. Eberts made it possible for me to have a sing-a-long with the whole school.

Northglade Elementary School

It was great fun!

 Recently, Mara Mackay, author, Dan Smith, illustrator, and I went to Vera Wilsie Elementary School in Newaygo Michigan.  We presented workshops and concerts in thanks for their support for my CD project.

Workshops and Concert



The workshops and the concerts went well.  The students were enthusiastic learners.

I was proud of the tradition of learning that lives on at Vera Wilsie.





Several years ago now, I had the pleasure of sharing a song with fellow graduates during Sunday brunch at Clara’s on the River in Battle Creek.  We were together for the LHS’65 45th class reunion: